What we do?

Ugenegroup knows exactly what young entrepreneurs are embarking on. They have taken that road before and have gathered all the information needed to avoid bumps on the road, eliminate obstacles and find shortcuts. Therefore, Ugenegroup is committed to use their knowledge to help you reach your goal in a short period of time, and dedicated to grow your business and let it thrive.

Feasible Innovative Business (FIB)

FIB is a consulting session where clients will be chosen after passing a test that will determine if they are ready to embark on the entrepreneurs’ journey. Ideas will be shared, improved and modified -among Ugenegroup members and the clients- to fit the market need. This session will have crucial outcomes that will determine their business path. Most importantly, clients will have an added value to their business idea and to the market.

Auxiliary Services

Feasibility Study

It is a study that takes into account all the factors involved in the business e.g. economic, technical & legal, to affirm the likelihood of  project success.

Sales Pitch

A method and a way to persuade clients to buy products/ services.

Investors pitch

A method and a way to persuade investors to invest in their business.

Action Plan

Is a set of actions and costs that must be done in the time frame in order to reach a specific goal.

Book Keeping

Systematic recording of day to day operations to translate to financial aspects of business transactions in appropriate books of account.


officially authorized documents from different ministries e.g. Ministry of Interior, Kuwait Municipality….etc.

Company Valuation

Companies value will be measured based on either profit or assets approaches.


It’s for all legal issues concerning your business e.g. registering your trademark and writing contract drafts and dealing with legal issues and legal consultation.


Getting entrepreneurs to know their niche market so they’d be able to get to the targeted customers.

Shared Offices

Providing a space that is ready for entrepreneurs to settle in.

Sales Training

Providing entrepreneurs a training program to increase sales.


we build and provide the design for the business location.


Is the technical support that any company needs. From computers, storage, networking and other physical devices, infrastructure and processes to create, process, store, secure and exchange all forms of electronic data.

Ministerial Work

Documents issued from different ministries for the business kickoff.

We want to clear the way so you can step into success.